Portrait Painting

The figure is central to Alan Dedman’s work as an artist. His portrait painting developed naturally in relation to life drawing. At the Royal Academy Schools it was mandatory to work from the figure. Alan prefers to paint from observation but frequently has to use photo reference. As a student he studied the original documents of the French chemist, Chevreul.

Alan’s use of colour is masterful, his work is infused with rich chromatic intensity and fine draftsmanship. Alan strives to bring out the character in people who sit for him.  If you would like to commission Alan Dedman to paint your portrait or anyone else’s, please use the contact page on this website – leaving your details and requirements and he will respond in due course. To find out more click here.

portrait of raymaond
Portrait of Raymond (oils) –  Portrait painting by Alan Dedman – Private Collection
Portrait of Richard in acrylics on canvas. 
acrylic painting of woman
Portrait of a woman (acrylics)
portrait in oils of Abdul by Alan Dedman
Portrait of Abdul by Alan Dedman