The Nude

A recurrent theme in Art – the nude continues to preoccupy Alan Dedman. Beauty personified by the naked eye surpasses Photo-shopping. At St. Martin’s School of Art, Alan read the collected works of C.G Jung amongst other significant texts. Dedman believes a female muse can represent the anima/animus, particularly for the (male) artistic psyche; acknowledging this aspect of themselves through the process of artistic willing and creation – artists bring balance to the World.

colour photo of a crouching nude painting by alan dedman
Crouching Nude painting by Alan Dedman

Alan Dedman received a Classical training at the Royal Academy Schools – Europe’s only three year post-graduate course in Fine Art. It was compulsory for students to draw from life (the nude) during their first year at the Schools. This protracted discipline wears away pre-conceptions; bringing about a deeper engagement with the process. Over time, Dedman’s capacity for working from life (the nude) has developed so he is able to create colourful, lively and sensitive studies of human form. You can read about current paintings on his B-L-O-G click here.

You can commission Alan Dedman to make an artwork of your very own muse. Where possible Alan likes to meet up with the people he works with and isn’t gender specific about his subject matter. His fascination with people and humanity is what drives his will to form. Though used to working from life, Alan can utilise photo-reference; if you are on the other side of the planet, you can still have an artwork to order. You can correspond with him whilst your painting is being made for you.

A chart of prices for artworks can be seen below, these are for guidance purposes. To start the process leave a message on the contact form on this web site and Alan will get back to you.

prices for commissioned paintings of the nude by alan dedman