Terms & Conditions

You can purchase any Artworks by Alan Dedman for sale on this site via Paypal. Just click on the Paypal button below the work of your choice.

Terms and conditions

All artworks sold by Alan Dedman will be dispatched upon receipt of fully cleared funds in GBP sterling via Paypal, cheque, electronic bank transfer or cash – unless arranged otherwise with the artist.

Artworks will be crated and wrapped, then dispatched by recorded surface mail or courier. Prices include postage and packaging within the UK and certain parts of the European Union. Large or heavy artworks will require additional funds for postage as will shipping long distance to destinations other than those stated (ie USA, China, Russia, Japan etc).

Crates are custom built to afford maximum protection for goods in transit. Artworks are wrapped with bubble wrap, plastic and or paper; air cushioning is provided where necessary.

The artist retains copyright in the work. The artist asserts his moral right of authorship in the work in accordance with sections 77 & 78 of the ‘Copyright, Designs & Patents Act 1988.

The purchaser agrees to allow the artist reasonable access to the work for the purpose of photography.

The purchaser agrees to lend the work to the artist for the purpose of public exhibition,provided insurance and other defined conditions are met.

The purchaser agrees to inform the artist if the work is resold or given away and to whom and where it is lent for exhibition.

The purchaser agrees not to intentionally alter, damage or destroy the work.

The purchaser agrees to inform the artist of any loss or damage to the work and give the artist reasonable opportunity to repair or supervise repairs of the work.

In using reproductions of the work the purchaser is restricted to the permitted acts as defined in sections 28-76 of the ‘Copyright Designs & Patents Act 1988’. Intended uses of reproductions for all other purposes must only be carried out with the prior agreement of the artist (copyright owner).

Both parties agree to inform each other of changes of address.

Being in receipt of funds from the purchaser obliges the artist to dispatch the artwork to an address agreed by both the purchaser and the artist.

After a period of three months from the date of purchase, any Artworks which remain uncollected (where it was agreed the buyer will collect them) will be returned to Alan Dedman as his property.

Revisions to the costs of postage and packaging will be agreed between the purchaser and the artist, where necessary before dispatch and shipping of artwork(s).