Alternative Art

Alternative Art by Alan Dedman consists of: assemblages, drawings on stone (limestone and granite), collages, automatic drawings, thermal drawings (drawings made on heat sensitive material), prints and paintings. This aspect of his ouvre is about play, experiment, experiential learning, sensuality and the absurd. It complements his figurative work and has come about in relation to the strict, dry, discipline of academic drawing.

Seeing the potential form in things is natural to the work of artists. Alan’s drift-wood Duck was formed on a beach and later established against a back-drop of Not watercolour paper. The simplicity of the work demonstrates his creative skill and intelligence.


Duck – By Alan Dedman


CarĀ – By Alan Dedman

photo of a drawing on stone by alan dedman

Stone drawing by Alan Dedman

thermal portrait drawing by alan dedman

Thermal portrait drawing by Alan Dedman

portrait spin painting alternative art by alan dedman

Portrait of George Osborne Spin painting by Alan Dedman